Climbing from Gym to Crag: Building Skills for Real Rock (Mountaineers Outdoor Expert)

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    CLICK HERE to download the chapter on “Belaying Outdoors” from Climbing: From Gym to Crag

    * Surpasses other training guides with a new level of instruction, clarity, and safety
    * “Key Transition Exercises” teach the skills you’ll need to move from gym climbing to rock climbing
    * Climbing technique illustrated with more than 150 photos
    * Complements any indoor or outdoor climbing course

    Getting strong and learning to climb hard routes in the gym doesn’t prepare you for climbing outdoors where anything can happen. Climbing: From Gym to Crag is written by experts who teach climbing for a living. These long-time instructors have a clear, practical understanding of the different skills and climbing technique needed to go from climbing in the gym to climbing on real rock. From building anchors to leading and self-rescue, they’ll teach you how to make the transition safely.

    Part of the Mountaineers Outdoor Expert series

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