Climbing Workouts – Essential Training Edition 3: Climbing Training Programs, Planning, Scheduling, Drills and Exercises

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    Climbing Workouts Essential Training course manual allows you to plan, prepare, organize and track your climbing performance while giving you a follow-along contract with yourself towards achieving goals in this sport. This resource is a movement based training methodology and program that addresses muscle memory and technical development. This manual is instructional material aimed towards climbing improvement. Climbing Workouts Essential Training includes a four-week training course that gives you the tools and steps to creating a new approach for your climbing preparation. Each section is straightforward and easy to follow, allowing you to implement each change into your training as simple as possible.

    Illustrated Climbing Workout Programs
    Step by Step instructions
    Finger Strength
    Technical Strength
    Power Stamina
    Schedules and directions
    Detailed schedule
    Tools and hardware
    Motivation and mindsets
    Goal Trackers
    Climbing tests
    Nutrition and diet guide
    Self Assessments
    Instant Download

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