101 Rock Climbing Tips and Tricks: Tips for Better Sport Climbing, Trad Climbing, Multi-Pitch Climbing, Rappelling, and More

101 Rock Climbing Tips and Tricks is for climbers who have a handle on the basics (they know how to belay and rappel, for example) and are looking for ways to climb better, climb more efficiently, and make their climbing life easier. Beginning and intermediate climbers will find a lot of useful information in these tips and even advanced climbers will likely find some new tricks to implement.

In this book are 101 rock climbing tips that the author wrote over a period of two years for a now-defunct rock climbing blog, and which are now exclusively available again for the first time. The tips are based on the experiences of the author, who has been climbing for more than 18 years and has established over 200 new routes, including the second longest sport climb in the United States. He’s been in Climbing magazine twice.

The 101 rock climbing tips are broken into the following 9 categories:

• Essential climbing tips (17 tips)
• General climbing tips (12 tips)
• Sport climbing tips (6 tips)
• Trad climbing tips (15 tips)
• Multi-pitch tips climbs (14 tips)
• Gear tips (23 tips)
• Training and downtime tips (5 tips)
• Rappelling tips (5 tips)
• Other tips (4 tips)

Included in the book are 31 photos and illustrations to help explain and clarify the text.

Here are a few examples of the kinds of tips and tricks you can expect to find in the book:

#3 – Should you practice falling?
#8 – 9 ways to climb better without even trying
#18 – How to read a route in 6 steps
#29 – 9 tips for getting over your climbing plateau
#36 – What’s the best way to start trad climbing?
#52 – 6 things to consider before doing a multi-pitch route
#65 – 6 ways to score cheap gear
#59 – The $2 climbing knife
#78 – How to jumpstart a car with climbing gear
#79 – The chalk funnel
#87 – 16 things to do with an old rope

And there’s a lot more where that came from!

All of the tips and tricks are written in a conversational style that is far removed from the boring, textbookish language used in most instructional climbing literature.

Want more? There is now a FREE download link for my Freestanding Hangboard Plans ebook on the very last page of 101 Rock Climbing Tips and Tricks. The book goes into detail about how you can set up a hangboard without drilling holes in your walls.

101 Rock Climbing Tips and Tricks is approximately 27,000+ words in length.

UPDATED SEPTEMBER 23, 2016 – The book now has a new cover and has been re-edited and gone through again to make sure everything is still relevant and up-to-date. Climb on!

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