Achieving The One Arm Chin Up: A Training Guide For Mastering The Ultimate Bodyweight Exercise

Performing a One arm chin up is an incredible feat of strength. Very few people will ever accomplish this exercise, but it can be done by anyone willing to put in the time and effort that’s required there are no short cuts to acquiring the strength necessary to do one arm chin ups and pull ups neglecting to put in the proper amount of time into will likely lead to injury.
Achieving The one arm chin up is a training program designed with the goal of teaching you how to do your first one arm chin up without the injury and without wasting time.
In This book you will learn:
• How to Properly train the grip to prepare for the OAC
• How to use weights and ropes to build joint strength
• A detailed weekly training guide to help get you started
• Supplementation for helping your body recover between training sessions
• And much more!
Set yourself apart from the crowd by being one of the few people that possess the unique ability to perform an unassisted one arm chin up.

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