Ice & Mixed Climbing: Modern Technique (Mountaineers Outdoor Expert)

From one of the most prominent names in climbing today, a full-color, comprehensive guide to a sport experiencing a renaissance.

“Mixed climbing is my favorite discipline. ItÂ?s the most fun because it has the fewest rulesÂ?sort of like professional wrestling compared to boxing.” So says Will Gadd, as profiled in Fifty Favorite Climbs. Here the champion ice climber presents the same techniques and veteran wisdom he imparts to those who attend his annual clinics. These include: step-by-step instructions for the swing (ice axe), the kick (footwork), and putting it all together (tracking); how to “read” ice to select your line and follow it safely; and drytool techniques for mixed climbing. Training exercises and inspirational stories complete this seminal guide.

This is the seventh installment in The Mountaineers Outdoor Expert Series

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