Rappelling: Rope Descending and Ascending Skills for Climbing, Caving, Canyoneering, and Rigging (How To Climb Series)

In Rappelling you’ll find everything you need to know about descending a rope, from the most basic to advanced techniques, including knots, rigging strategies, rappel devices, and more. Included is a comprehensive discussion of ropes, slings, and all the hardware used in rappelling. 
Rappelling techniques for climbing are covered in detail, including multi-pitch rappelling methods and rope management. Single rope fixed line rappelling techniques used in caving, canyoneering, and for industrial applications are also discussed, along with improvised rope ascending techniques (“prusiking”) and ascending a fixed rope with mechanical ascenders (“jumaring”). Rappelling accident analysis and prevention is also included, along with a section on rappel back-ups and safety checks.
Inside you’ll find information on:
  • Ropes
  • Rappel devices
  • Slings and webbing
  • Knots and hitches
  • Rigging rappel anchors
  • Rappelling methods
  • Rope retrieval techniques
  • Rappelling accident analysis
  • Rappel safety back-ups
  • Working with fixed lines
  • Rope ascending techniques

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