Rock Climbing Fundamentals: Essential Terms, Techniques, and Tips for the New Climber

⁓ How to Get Started Rock Climbing, Simply ⁓

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If you’re on this page I presume you’re a new climber—the same spot I was about six years ago. See, I had moved to California and wanted a new hobby, so rock climbing seemed like a great option. Quickly, I realized that getting into rock climbing is hard. There are big learning curves that serve as a barrier, and it can be intimidating, as well. I also found it extremely difficult to find simple, reliable, and trustworthy information about the sport.

I wrote this eBook to help make it easier for new climbers … to make rock climbing more accessible, understandable, and fun for individuals like yourself.

Use this eBook to find all the fundamental information about rock climbing in one convenient and carefully crafted eBook. I worked with professional photographer Michael Lim for stunning, full-page imagery, and I’ve added helpful links to relevant articles.

This eBook will provide you with a foundational knowledge of climbing history, terms, techniques, belaying, and gear so that you feel confident at the gym or crag.

Chapters covered in this eBook are as follows:

1. A Brief History of Climbing
2. Styles of Climbing
3. An Overview of Climbing Gear
4. Introduction to Common Climbing Holds
5. Basic Technique for New Climbers
6. Belaying Fundamentals
7. Climbing Grades, Explained
8. General Tips and Advice for New Climbers
9. Your Responsibility as a Climber
10. A Simplified Climbing Glossary
11. Useful Bonus Materials

For those that are new to the sport, want to grow your understanding of climbing, and feel confident at the gym or crag, this eBook is for you.

Climb on!
Sander | author & co-founder @ Moja Gear

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